Traveling is fun! 

Especially when your shuttle bus to the airport doesn't decide to turn on its heater in hot and humid summer weather... Poor bus two - the funnest of them all, with all the Hungarians and Dean E - they had to take "breathers" - literally - as they made their way to JFK, a two-hour trip from Bard. 

We are on the road again. Getting travel documents ready for 100+ people was a real nightmare, as it ought to be. We needed instrument passports, visas, ivory checks at the US Wildlife Administration Offices, also we had to pick up our complimentary Google Glasses from their NY headquarters (yes, we will be THAT orchestra). 

Anyways, I am happy to report that we ALL made it to the airport in one piece and we will be taking off for Warsaw (via London - more about that soon) in about twenty minutes. 

Bon voyage, #bardeuropetour

Bard Conservatory Orchestra in rehearsal a few days before the start of the tour