After rolling out of bed this morning - unusually late at 9 am - I proceeded to "fry" my morning espresso. Lack of a morning companion who could stomach such a thing so early forced me to go out and purchase the one cup version of my beloved Moka Express by Bialetti. (The purchase felt almost like signing a contract that bound me to being a single bachelor for life - great prospects!) The thing turned out to be so small, that in lieu of a more appropriate tool, it requires serious assistance of a frying pan to stay over the smallest burner on the range: 

 Frying my espresso at Netherland Court

Back in August when I first faced the problem of the moka-too-small and came up with the frying pan solution I was very determined to get an extension for the grate. Soon enough I thought, getting such a tool would be almost like getting one of those books with punny titles like Singled Out or Going Solo, and decided that I couldn't bare having that in my kitchen; the pan shall do until its time for a larger Bialetti.