It was an honor to play principal bassoon in Massanet's Cendrillon with Juilliard Opera, led by Maestro Emmanuel Villaume.   The New York Times hailed the orchestra for its "glowing and nuanced playing," and the Financial Times said "The kids at the conservatory put the pros next door to shame." "Here at Juilliard [...] one can savour talent in depth, on stage and in the pit."  (April 2014)

Possibly the most difficult piece I have ever performed was Pierre Boulez's Dérive II. I had the honor to work with 10 remarkable piers from Juilliard and to had been led by Maestro Jeff Milarsky. The New York Times was there as well. (April 2014)

A Washington Post review of Otello from the 2013 Castleton Festival. I played principal bassoon in the performance. (July 2013)

"He is daring and fearless!" - Joan Tower (April, 2013)

This Life in Music: Bassoonist David Adam Nagy - an interview on Prufrock's Dilemma (March 2013)

"Nagy, to me the Benny Goodman of the bassoon, showed off his early 19th C classical canon chops in two pieces by Carl Maria von Weber: the Bassoon Concerto in F Major and the Andante and Rondo Ungarese. Amazing to watch Nagy totally in command of notes flying everywhere at the speed of light, particularly at the end of the second piece." - Susan Scheid (October 2012)

Jane and Lance Hattatt's post after our chamber music concert in Budapest (January 2013)