• Wilson Theater (map)
  • 60 Lincoln Center Plaza
  • New York, NY, 10023
  • United States

Interdivisional collaboration, which sometimes seems like the grail at Juilliard, is a way of life for 12 dance and composition students each fall. They’re the participants in what’s fondly referred to as ChoreoComp, the annual presentation of six original dances by third-year choreographers set to original music by student composers. On November 22 and 23, as the culmination of a semester-long course (whose official name is the Choreographers and Composers Workshop), the participants will present the results of their work to each other and the public. Dance faculty member Janis Brenner is one of the three teachers of the class along with fellow dance faculty member Jerome Begin and Graduate Studies and ear training faculty member Daniel Ott. In the spring the three of them and their departments select the choreographers and composers, and the process begins. 

4 performances on November 22nd and 23rd, 2014