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Over the past few years, time has become a curious and annoying perk of life in that it just keeps passing. I try to look away - like I would to avoid an ugly scene on TV - but the clock keeps ticking. And it turns out that shunning the winding up of my watch will also just make me look tardy instead of stopping time. About a week ago it hit me, as I was watching a documentary about the fascinating precision, innovation, dedication, love, and time that went into the design and became an essence of the Sonnerie Souveraine wristwatch built by Francoise-Paul Journe, that the only way I can make time stop is by letting it run - keeping the reserve fully wound - and making every single of the grande and petite sonneries of life as resonant as possible. 

Precisely two years will have passed since the barrel running my life had its last grand stroke by the time it will be time for the next one: on April 13th of this year I will be stepping on stage again to play a Graduate Recital at The Juilliard School. There are hundreds of precious golden parts that bond to run indefinitely the magic of a Sonnerie Souveraine and each and every one of you are one just as essential in the mechanism of my life and music. I would like to thank all of you for keeping me ticking ahead and I hope I will have a chance to thank you in person in a few weeks! 


As Time Goes By
a recital by David A.Nagy 

Monday, April 13th, 2015 at 8pm
Bruno Walter Studio (Rm. 309) 
The Juilliard School 
60 Lincoln Center Plaza, NY, NY